All who take part in the Caminhos de Santiago Alentejo and Ribatejo should bear the following code of conduct in mind.

A significant part of the recommended itinerary routes cross private properties, to which their owners have permitted access. For this reason:

•Respect private property;
• Leave all gates as you found them. If they were closed, make sure you have closed them properly;
• Only follow the marked ways;
• Be polite with locals. All routes cross areas that are relatively environmentally sensitive, namely as regards the conservation of flora, fauna and vegetation;
• Avoid making unnecessary noise;
• Observe wildlife at a safe distance;
• Do not damage or collect samples of plants or rocks;
• Do not drop litter and leave no trace behind you. The itineraries permit interactionwith agrosystems where farming, fishing or forest activities take place, and are important to preserve. Carelessness or a failure to follow recommended actions may have serious consequences.
• Don’t light fires and think twice before discarding cigarette butts.
• Be careful around livestock. Although they are docile, they do not like it when strangers approach their young.